MDC Software Solutions - EmpowerCLS for Financial Institutions

MDC Software Solutions' EmpowerCLS provides flexible commercial loan documentation and work flow solutions for financial institutions and law firms.

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MDC Software Solutions, LLC provides flexible commercial loan documentation and work flow solutions for financial institutions and law firms.
See what EmpowerCLS can do for your financial institution.

Role Benefits
See how EmpowerCLS can make your job easier and more productive.

EmpowerCLS is a commercial loan document solution designed with financial institutions in mind.

EmpowerCLS was designed by legal, banking, and information technology professionals. As a result of this effort, EmpowerCLS:

EmpowerCLS provides unparalleled simplicity in operation and ownership. The hallmark of EmpowerCLS's flexibility is an integrated text editor that permits persons with appropriate security rights to change loan documentation language within the lending software if necessary, to accommodate the unique needs of borrowers. Additionally, work flow tools allow you to more easily manage people and processes.

EmpowerCLS has a comprehensive and creative suite of tools that will help you in your commercial loan process.

All of these features combined give financial institutions a competitive advantage. See what EmpowerCLS can do for your financial institution.


Improve profitability by:

Satisfying your commercial borrowers
  • Build customer loyalty - repeat business
  • Create customer referrals - new business
  • Be responsive to the needs of commercial borrowers

Improving loan operations staff productivity
  • Loan operations process is much more efficient with built-in workflow
  • Document preparation and approval process can be completely paperless
  • Validation routine helps eliminate mistakes
  • Smart Select Technology™ generates correct document set

Reducing costs
  • Reduce dependence on outside sources of document preparation
  • Document printing costs can be drastically reduced since users need not print documents until closing. Among those costs are paper, toner, printer maintenance and document destruction
  • Training costs are greatly reduced due to the simplicity of use
  • Productivity gains reduce the need for additional operations staff

Making better informed decisions
  • Know which loans are in the document preparation pipeline, who is working on them, and what status they are in
  • Review statistical information on commercial loans
  • Evaluate products, processes, and staff

Are your data center managers concerned about the time it takes to audit the number of computers on which software is installed? Do your data processors find themselves lost in a confusing maze of data-entry screen pop-ups? Welcome to the simplicity of an EmpowerCLS site license and a tabbed format that minimizes the use of dialog boxes.

  • No need to maintain a record of software installations for licensing purposes – site licensing permits you to install EmpowerCLS on all user and outside legal counsel computers at no extra cost
  • Don't get lost in a forest of pop-ups – data collection rarely occurs more than one level below the main form, which utilizes a tabbed format

Do you want to ensure that confidential customer data is restricted to persons who have valid passwords and that administrative, data input, and review functions can be assigned to your staff on a task basis? EmpowerCLS allows you to enjoy the security of knowing that your loan data cannot be accessed by anyone without proper credentials.

  • Access to EmpowerCLS functionality is task-based and requires the proper user security rights for the respective task
  • Data is stored in a user-name/password protected database, with sensitive information stored in an encrypted format.

Let's be honest. While essential to any loan process, no one really enjoys reviewing loan documents. EmpowerCLS makes this tedious process more bearable by providing clarity to the review process.

  • Loan data fields are highlighted in the document viewer to allow efficient verification that loan terms were properly input by the user
  • Loan documents may be printed on legal or letter-size paper with ample white space, 9-point font size, and numbered section headings to aid review
  • Shorter sentences, bullets points and numbering in body text, and minimal use of “legalese” to aid comprehension

Would you like to check on the status of a pending loan with a few mouse-clicks, rather than make several phone calls or trips down the hall? Do you find it difficult to evaluate the productivity of your loan processors? EmpowerCLS makes it easier for managers to hold their staff members accountable by providing them access to loan process information online and in printed reports.

  • Online work-flow tools allow managers to track the status of each loan, even if assigned to in-house or outside legal counsel for post-data input processing
  • MDC-provided reports allow those with proper access to view the following information online or in hard copy or to export to a spreadsheet for consolidation with similar data from another source:
  • loans subject to HMDA and/or CRA reporting
  • the number of loans processed using EmpowerCLS by type
  • the number of loans assigned to each loan officer
  • statistics on user productivity
  • loan documents which have been changed using EmpowerCLS's edit functionality
  • loan, administrative, and other activities conducted within EmpowerCLS

Do you look for ways to minimize outside counsel fees for yourself and your customers? Have you considered the difficult-to-document – but no less real – cost of inefficiencies in your current work-flow system? EmpowerCLS's features will help you save money.

  • Use of our online loan review process could result in noticeable savings on paper, toner, and document storage and destruction costs.
  • The EmpowerCLS interface and templates – while easy to use and understand – are designed to produce law firm-quality documents.
  • In recognition of the cost of customer acquisition, time (using our process improvements) and money (reduced outside legal fees) savings will help you retain your hard-won customer base.
  • Our process improvements will enable you to process more loans in the same time frame with current staffing levels.
  • If you wish to involve outside legal counsel in the loan documentation process, your fixed-cost data entry personnel can input party, collateral, and loan terms data before you assign the loan to outside counsel, saving you the higher cost of having paralegals or legal secretaries do data entry.
  • Supports loan operations departments of all sizes and structures
    • Centralized loan ops departments
    • Loan operations done in each branch
    • Multiple processing centers
  • One-off document changes can be made easily.
  • Loan document templates can be customized using EmpowerDTS and imported for use.
  • Loan validation helps eliminate mistakes.
  • Improve processes.
  • Documents only need to be printed upon closing.
  • Documents can be reviewed or changed within the application.
  • Notes can be made electronically
  • Document preparation can be tracked and managed easily and efficiently
  • Dynamic document generation on every commercial loan provides professional quality, compliant documents that are easy to read and easy to understand.
  • Smart Select Technology™ automatically determines what legal documents need to be generated based upon loan data.
  • Help determine priorities.
  • Help evaluates products, processes and personnel.